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About us.

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When your passionate, everything seems to fall into place.

We are so happy to help you on your wellness journey. We are a veteran owned family business in Mansfield, TX. Together, we have 9 children which is why we adopted the unique fee system. Holistic health and long term results is our ultimate goal for each of our customers.  What started initially as a Whole Body Cryotherapy Spa over 5 years ago, Naturally Rooted has now turned into a full-fledged body transformation facility. 

We will greet you with a smile every day and we are committed to helping you be the best for yourself and loved ones. Thanks again for considering us! We look forward to a long lasting relationship.

The Roberts family

Jason is retired Air Force and had many debilitating injuries. He used the services we offer at other facilities throughout his career as a Financial advisor. It was when their 2nd oldest son had an injury that they decided they needed to research the best modallities possible for both Jason and his son to thrive. That’s when Naturally Rooted was born. Formerly CryoN7.

The mcdowell family

In 2015, Cassie decided to quit her long time career as an Account Executive to pursue her mission of sharing Kangen Water with the World. She believes that the Enagic ionizers are the next appliance that everyone will soon own. Her and her brother in law started opening up different water stores and partnering with businesses to make sure that Kangen water was available for anyone, regardless of their financial means. In 2018, they partnered with the Roberts family at CryoN7. Little did they know that it would blossom into a full blown partnership.  Together, the 3 families mission continues to grow and thousands of families lives have been impacted. 

The Strickland family

Chelsie struggled with back pain from a young age, was diagnosed with a crooked spine and had disc surgery at 23.  Shortly after surgery, the lifelong debilitating pain came back.  Once they learned that the cushion in between your discs are 81% water, everything changed. Now the Strickland’s travel all over the state to educate people on the truth about water. It truly is a mission for them and this company couldn’t be the success it is without them!

Naturally Rooted

The facility

Naturally Rooted Wellness Club is an amusement park of holistic pain reducing modalities. We worked really hard to make it a unique environment with everything you would need to reach your health goals.

1. Schedule your free tour and let us learn about your health goals.


2. Develop a plan for your wellness. Discuss with our staff your areas of concern and we can recommend specific treatments to address them.

3. Come in as much as daily to feel great and get ready to reach your health goals. Start coming in to use the services and notice the improvements in your physical, mental and emotional health.

less pain…more livin’.

stay in the know

We’ll keep you informed on the latest developments and info to help you live a healthier & happier life.